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Lot of good articles lately ... Kanban, failures, disasters, learning and psych

This is just a link-puke of a bunch of articles I've been meaning to post/talk about.  So here we go (say bye bye to your morning)

First up, a mildly misleading heading of kanban vs scrum.  It's really how one can be used to streamline the other.


Next up are a pair of articles from the same site.  First one talks about overcoming poor architectural choices and a rather candid discussion on "disaster porn".  Love that description.



A couple psych ones.  First one is amazingly nerdy and in my opinion, expands on the feedback principle.  Random nerd fun fact - technically, Pe (error positivity) can be instantly recognized, which for the human brain is 130-180ms and falls with the range of the study which measured it at 100-500ms.


and not to be outdone, a discussion on sugar vs protein and being awake.


Another article I found very interesting was on leading clever people (I agree with it, especially "create a galaxy")


And finally, on a similar vein is a concept of "developeronomics" ...