Let agile methods be like ice cubes

I did a few open spaces a while back and noticed a theme within many themes of the topics : as a community, we're really really good at prescriptive remedies -- "have this problem? Talk to your agile authority and use this tool/practice/method" which is largely a good way to fail. Go ask your doctor/mechanic/landscaper/lawyer for <insert fix for problem here> and they're going to ask you a TON of questions (if not, leave), maybe do some research or tests and you might end up with a different fix or nothing all together.  Why?  It's never that simple as checking all the symptom boxes and saying that's what you need, yet as a community, that's what we've been doing, a lot.

  • Confused about your process? Use kanban ! (guilty)
  • Stories take too long? Use scrum !
  • Not delivering ?  Use XP !
  • Need visibility ? Use this tool ! More...

Getting a handle on multiple HttpMockCallouts in Salesforce

Recently I've found myself in Salesforce land, having to deal with api callouts to VersionOne.  Being the second time around, I think I've got a set of classes now that really help out with this and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

If you've attempted to test your callouts, I found either one of two things happen -- it's way too vague and/or it's way hard to test the things that are really worth testing.  You know, things that break stuff like a spelling error for a url or other silliness.  My first round of attempts looked like the examples and ended up coming out like this and felt overwhelming inadequate... More...