The art of the "Tentative" response

Meetings.  The bane of nearly all productivity ...and yet when one pops up, there's just one question that I was asking myself "Am I free or not?".  Clearly someone thinks it's important enough for me, otherwise why would someone request my time?  I MUST BE IMPORTANT TOO AND I. SHALL ATTEND ... <accept>!  Besides, nothing is more important than taking 30 minutes or more to get absolutely nothing done and feel good about it, right?  Anyway.
This is a terrible way to determine if I should go attend or not.  For now, I'll ignore all the logical bits that help me decide if I really should or not.  Things like looking at the actual contents of the invite, the 5 paragraph "touch points", "be on the same page" or "things to go over" that let me know its going to be amazingly painful and focus on the meeting equivalent of picking the null response from a nullable boolean.  Not accept, not decline -- the proverbial "meh".  The tentative response.
And so I starting doing this ...and unlocked something magical. More...

Revive the posts !

I don't have them queued up necessarily but I do have a number of drafts I want to publish in the next coming weeks.  Everything from mentoring, to code, to incomplete thoughts and questions.  I've wanted to get back to writing and I'm going to force encourage myself to do it.  Stay tuned, a lot of things are coming.