Social Engineering is alive and well

Don't believe social engineering can become viral like the latest youtube hamster video?  Think again.

From my best count, 12 people every 3 seconds were falling for this.  The website is very vague, claiming its safe ...but with whom?!  Do people really fall for this?  Why yes, yes they do. People want to know who's stalking them ... and yet they can protect their tweets quite easily.  Doing a quick look up on them, they're registered via godaddy and their proxy service so you can't really see who they are.  Any real service won't do this (yea, I said it, watcho gonna do about it?) so wonder how much damage this will do ... and how many people won't learn there lesson?

Twitter can't stop this either, not without taking out everyone else that's using the API.  Might be time for them to issue API codes.

Do you have nice day?! :-)

*** UPDATE ***

Now the site displays the following message

and its straight HTML <center> and the text you see above.  So was it a hack of a hack?  Hmmmmm interesting.  It's too bad they don't have contact info because now I'm curious.