It all comes back to people.

From Jesse Riley, Founder, CTO

It's in our logo, and our tagline, our culture -- and it's how we work, how we deliver, how we do what we do. It's also what makes us different. Please, take a moment and understand what it's like to work with us. There's some stark differences between us and many others. Strongly put, we're not for everyone.

Why we're different

Product, Culture and Code. We do all three. From customer interviews for understand if it's the right thing to build, to curating a culture of engaged employees and leadership together, all the way to sitting next to your development team writing code, it's why we're different and why we get results.

Our way of working

Teach someone to fish, and bring in a whale

Our goal is to make your product, culture and code better than before by teaching you how, in your organization. This is why we don't do "workshops". Workshops get the idea across, but then quickly fall off and does not stick in the long term. Instead, we work with you, on your product, with your culture, in your actual code base so that it sticks, has lasting effects, and now you have examples to refer back to that are yours. We're not looking to be part of your organization for a long extended contract either. Think of us like your own special ops team.

While other groups will sell you a frozen fish dinner with microwave instructions

We teach you how to fish,
and we don't stop there.
We teach you where to look
How do identify the fish
what's best ways to prepare it
How to cook it different ways,
What the locals particularly like
Show and explain different pairings too
So you can catch a whale

We teach you how to bring others along and lead them as well.

Fishing alone is necessary at times but to catch more fish, bring friends. Some of the best stories are when friends are around because there's always one that got away and someone brings in a whale.

Working with Us is "intense"

We're not here to waste your time, or ours. We love what we do and expect the highest level of engagement. That means discipline, active participation as well as candor. While other groups will do months of discovery work, give you stacks of reports and suggestions, we see a lot of that work as waste and no better than methods we're against. That's why we focus on Action over Discussion and solving problems, not prolonging them, hiding them with false harmony and dragging them out until either its accepted or resolved. While others will tell you everything is awesome, we will tell you if it really is, or a fabrication.

Discover how our tailored approach to improving your product, culture, and code can unlock your organization's full potential. Drop me an email at directly - it's my first name (above, because bots are really good at scraping sites) at this domain will go right to my inbox and let's explore how we can drive meaningful change together.