If a picture is worth 1000 words...

Sometimes words just are not enough to explain a concept, so drawing them is not only a faster way to convey information, it sparks more conversation, more questions, and more ideas.

Below are some of those drawings. Over time, more and more will be added here, updated, split, merged, bent into whatever topic needs some attention. As of now, there are 3 of these here, with many many more to come.

Company Maturity

After talking with so many startups, I made a visual of company sizes as a way to identify where you are. Most want to jump from validation to scale ...it does not work that way.


Reference Materials

Zero to One


An example of how OKRs work, operate and function


Reference Materials

20 Minute quick start
Measure What Matters
Objectives and Key Results
The OKRs Field Book

Customer Map

A detailed view of what product looks like, from idea to production


Reference Materials

Design Thinking

Want to know more about the drawings above? What to dive into the concepts, patterns, history, or just detail as to what all is in a drawing? Send us a message!