Product Keys

pragmatic, focused, opinionated and curious
without a restrictive framework

The Product Keys is an idea developed to help companies, large and small, get a handle on the enormity of product development with the foremost goal being simplicity and actionable key concepts.

Maybe you’ve tried standups, read an article, a book? Next comes attending a talk or two on story writing or maybe even a workshop on how to kanban works. Everyone cheers how it works great and yet, for some reason in your organization… it doesn't quite stick, like a door that won't open unless the lock is at the perfect spot

Product Keys help unlock these rooms and build a set of keys for your organization. To get to the next level, a certain number of rooms should be unlocked, others are just opened for the sake of exploring while some are skipped. Not all the doors, and not the trap of trying to open them all at once. Sometimes it takes opening every door on the entire floor, others you’ll just pick what is necessary.

First Floor - Fundamentals

fundamental key
The introduction, the tutorial, the walk-through

Welcome to the ground floor, the beginning of the journey where mastering the fundamentals is the focus

Looking at all the different methods available can be incredibly overwhelming - it's why we see them as tools, This is where we explore, learn and try different keys to unlock those doors, understanding why would we use it and what's in them.

The things you learn here are building the foundation. On this floor we use a bunch of rooms with different methodologies that will sound familiar. Scrum, Kanban, Lean, eXtreme programming, and so on - taking what works from each, and opening up the ground floor. Here, let’s try out all those methods you were afraid to in a week long workshop. Kanban? Sure let's do it. Scrum? That too.

For the teams, bust those silos down and build the teams. Real teams. Shift the focus from a collection of people and focus on getting the team to win. A few sessions begin to demonstrate this.

For executives, we talk about real servant leadership. Not that garbage you hear about in the self help section, but how to use the shifting role of a leader, helping your organization through this transformation and allowing the day-to-day left to the professionals – the people hired and trusted with the company every single day.

A Journey

fundamental key
Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Craftsmanship

The Product Keys vary in complexity and need for understanding. Starting with core fundamentals all the way to the intricate, master keys that take years to understand and achieve.

Below are some articles on here are tagged with these concepts to give overviews, insights, and compress knowledge acquisition.

Keys can open doors and once you can unlock them, you can always revisit - like reading a book for the second time. Let us help you get that first chapter going and tell us what your thoughts are on where we should start.