The. Competitive Advantage.

Wanting to try out those ideas that come up so fast in the market, but can't seem to move on quickly enough? Good code is not by accident. It just takes a lot of discipline. With discipline comes speed, agility and freedom.

Software as a practice has come a long way and has been the secret of good organizations - being good at it yields a strong competitive advantage. Being great at it takes you to the top. It doesn't matter if you're a 2 person show, or a 10,000 strong enterprise, compound and accelerate your product and its ability to adapt, change, and still remain stable.

Let our years of front line experience show you how to deliver faster, higher quality code without trading it for your culture.

Stop slinging, start crafting.

"I have a great product, I love my team(s), and we have a great culture ...why does development take so long and why aren't we gaining market share?" - The code, the software, the infrastructure inside of your organization seems like a massive black hole, consuming so much and nothing to see. What's going on? Some of those reasons are quite common, but some items on this list may surprise you.

We speak geek, so let's talk nerdy.


Below is the existing programs we have available but it is not a complete list. We're always iterating and innovating based on past classes and programs as well as trying out new ideas. We start with one of these and expand it as necessary - it's kind of the thing we do.

Test Driven Accelerator.

1 team, 3 days. Fundamentals

A 3 day, hands on, coach lead learning on writing tests in your actual code base.

We've heard from enough teams - TDD isn't working for us.

As we learned the hard way, TDD isn't as easy to start at first. With various skill levels and approaches, so many teams think they're doing a good job when its only scratched the surface. Code coverage is high, tests are many but things still seem to get through. We've found most teams just need a nudge and there's no better placed to do it than in your own code base.


  • Observation and Identification of various code smells
  • Understanding of when to use test driven development
  • Understanding of how and when to use strangulation
  • Coverage of SOLID practices
Contact us for more details on this workshop

Team Driven Accelerator.

1 team, minimum 2 weeks (6 days). Fundamentals/Intermediate

Dig in deeper and understand

A hands on, coach lead learning on delivery in your actual product. This workshop takes the test driven accelerator and put it on steroids. In addition to covering all the topics in the Test Driven Accelerator, we take your team and show them when mobbing can be brought in, various techniques around social programming and deeper insights into craftsmanship concepts. Design for teams and team members of all skill, we strongly encourage all members of the team to participate.


  • Mobbing, Diverge-Converge, Pairing
  • Refinement of Team Culture
  • Coverage of SOLID practices
  • Observation and Identification of various code smells
  • Practice and implementation of test driven development
  • Practice and implementation of how to test with existing code
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Team Mentoring

1-2 teams over 3 months. Intermediate/Advanced

When full time isn't necessary but a week here and there at key times can make all the difference. This can be Mobbing on a problem, to customer interviews, to a product discovery.

Every team hits road blocks or points where a 3rd party can ask those dumb questions and drive a team to a better understanding and make better decisions. This can be as simple as 30 minute discussion, all the way to facilitation for all three camps (product, culture and code) to gain a better understanding.


  • Experienced, opinionated, curious guidance
  • Refinement of tools and techniques for better outcomes

Platform Assessment

2 weeks+. Advanced

When you don't quite need a CTO or VP of Engineering, you just need to know where you are in the spectrum of things.

We've heard this enough times we had to make an offering. If your development team is offshore, or just 'disconnected', assess the health of your overall platform. Code quality, general design and others factors will be looked at, as well as a straight forward, objective look at your overall development practice.

Note this is not a security audit or pen test in any way - those are way more interesting and require a lot more paperwork.


  • Health Assessment Report
  • Opportunities for Improvement

One on One Coaching


Code reviews, engineering audits, etc

Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes or a second opinion.

We still get in the code, and would love to help show you how our years of experience can make things so much better. So send us a message, tell us where you're struggling