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You might be surprised what you find

Culture is the never ending purpose for your organization, the answer to "why does this company exist?". That purpose, it isn't something you set up one time and it's done, never to be looked after again. It's constantly looked after, adjusted, corrected, reset. It evolves with every new hire, new deal closed or lost, milestone crossed. How do you handle it? How do you keep on top of it? How do you know things are going well, morale is high or is it all fake harmony and smoke screens?

With some techniques, facilitation and a lot of experience, we uncover what's under those posters.

While others talk about good culture, we lead by example

Don't believe it? Ask other consultancies. Ask how they do their own culture. What do they use? How do they keep morale? How does their culture help their organization together? What was the last thing they adopted that worked and which one didn't? My favorite, when was the last time the CEO/VP/Manager/Director was told No? And ask for specifics and internal examples. Most of them won't be able to, because they don't. We practice what we preach, and insist on being at the edge if not the one's cutting the edge.


Below is the existing programs we have available but it is not a complete list. We're always iterating and innovating based on past classes and programs as well as trying out new ideas. We start with one of these and expand it as necessary - it's kind of the thing we do.

Retrospective : Collective Consciousness

2-4 hours. Fundamentals

A retrospective should bring out ways for a team to improve and experiment. It could be anything from better workspace ergonomics, to meeting reduction (a favorite!). The bottom line: draw out those ideas so the team can get better. During this coach lead retro, it's designed to just that - draw out what the team is thinking, their observations and identify themes and actions to do things better.

This is perfect for a new team, or a team that has not done a retro in a while and wants to get back into it.

For a more detailed outline of this retrospective, take a look at Retro cheat sheet : collective consciousness

Outcomes :

  • Empathy for others perspectives
  • Discovery of observations that is shared, but not discussed
  • Team focus vs individual focus
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Culture is decievingly hard to pin down, curate and continue to grow. We have a few ways to pull out those problems and see what's underneigh. Reach out below, let's talk about what we can do. Right now.